15 thoughts on “Pentecost

  1. Hi 1/2 PR,
    We love your stained glass windows. They look beautiful.
    We would love to make them as well.
    From Prep Efe

    • Hi Prep Efe,
      Thank you for looking at our blog. Our stained glass windows were easy to make and very fun. If you need some help please ask us! We love helping.
      From 1/2PR

  2. Hi 1/2 PR,
    Oh how beautiful…Great job 1/2Primerano…So glad you enjoyed making the stained glass windows.
    From Ms Cutajar

    • Hi Ms. Cutajar,
      It was a great idea to make them. You’ll have to come and have a look at them.
      From 1/2 PR

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