Italian Day

italian flag   Today was Italian Day.  italian flag

We got to dress up in green, white and red.

italian day


We watched an Italian performance, the 5/6 spaghetti race, ate pizza for lunch and did pasta art in the afternoon.

We had a fantastic day!!

What was your favourite activity?

11 thoughts on “Italian Day

    • Hi Sophie,
      Everyone looked really good in their Italian Day clothes. It was a great day! What was your favourite activity?
      from Mrs Primerano

  1. Hi Mrs Primerano,
    I liked Italian Day. It was fun eating the ice cream.
    Did you have an ice cream? What was the flavour? Did you have fun?
    from Cindy

    • Hi Cindy,
      Italian Day was a great day. I didn’t have an ice cream. It was too cold. Did you have an ice cream? What flavour was it?
      from Mrs Primerano

  2. Hi Mrs Primerano,
    My favourite part of Italian Day was eating the gelato and pizza. It was really good and delicious.
    From Sansom

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