30 thoughts on “Book Week Swirls and Splotches Day!

    • Hi Ms Cutajar,

      We had so much fun!!
      Amelia and me were having a great time together. We were dancing together kind of all the time! 🙂

      From Kaylene

  1. Hello Mrs Primerano,

    I loved dressing up with rainbow colours. I had lots of fun dancing at the Fashion Parade!

    From Aaron

    • Hi Aaron,

      I think everyone looked really good in their rainbow colours.
      I liked the disco after the fashion parade. It was great seeing everyone dancing and having lots of fun.

      from Mrs Primerano

    • Hi Celinda,
      I really enjoyed the disco after the fashion parade.
      The whole week was very exciting.
      from Mrs Primerano

    • Hi Sophie,
      Book Week was great fun. My favourite part was the disco.
      What was your favourite part?
      from Mrs Primerano

  2. Hi Mrs Primerano

    My favorite part of Book Week was when I was dancing with Aaron.
    What was your favorite part?

    From Danny

    • Hi Danny,
      That is a really nice photo of you and Aaron dancing.
      My favourite part was the disco.
      from Mrs Primerano

  3. Hi Mrs Primerano,

    It is very funny how Danny and Aaron were dancing like that 🙂
    Did you like the disco?

    From Kaylene

    • Hi Kaylene,
      It is a very nice photo of Aaron and Danny dancing.
      The disco was good fun.
      What was your best bit of Book Week?
      from Mrs Primerano

    • Hi Nam,

      I loved the disco. It was great to see everyone dancing and having so much fun.
      Glad you enjoyed it too.

      from Mrs Primerano

  4. Hi Mrs Primerano,

    I enjojed it when our class dressed in rainbow colours.
    The disco was funny when Aaron and Danny were dancing.

    From Benjamin

    • Hi Prep Efe,

      We really enjoyed book week. Our favourite activity was the disco and the performance. Our favourite photo is of Danny and Aaron dancing.

      We hope you enjoyed book week too 🙂

      from 1/2 PR

  5. Hello Mrs Primerano,

    I had lots of fun at the disco and parade. When I saw the photo of Danny and I dancing I LOL. What was your favourite activity?

    from Aaron

  6. Hi Mrs Primerano!

    I liked the disco and when Danny and Aaron were dancing. What was your favourite activity Mrs Primerano?

    from Sansom

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