Book Week Dress Up!

This week we have been celebrating book week. On Wednesday our class went to the library with our buddies 5/6MA. Our buddies read us a story. We took pillows and teddies with us! We had so much fun.


Thursday we dressed up! Our class has been learning about Little Red Riding Hood.

The Grandma

The Wolf

The Woodcutter

The Forest Trees

The Flower and Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother

Book Week

This week is Book Week. The 1/2s got to watch a performance called Asking For Trouble. It was fantastic!



Family Trees

We have been learning about the past and our families. We all made our own family tree.

Take a look..


We all had to research our parent’s, grandmother’s and grandfather’s names.

Making Lemonade Spiders

Our final experiment was Lemonade Spiders!

1. Firstly we put 1/2 cup of lemonade.

2. Then we added a scoop of ice cream.

3. Then we stirred the drink.

4. Then we watched the BUBBLES!!!

5. We drank and enjoyed it! DELICIOUS!!!

Here is what it looked like!

Making Slime!

We have been doing lots of different science experiments in our class this term. We have made jelly, popcorn, blown bubbles and today our class made slime.

1. Firstly we put 1/3 cup corn starch.

2. Then we put 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid.

3. We mixed it altogether.

4. We kneaded it with our hands.

5. Then we played with the SLIME!!!