Making Slime!

We have been doing lots of different science experiments in our class this term. We have made jelly, popcorn, blown bubbles and today our class made slime.

1. Firstly we put 1/3 cup corn starch.

2. Then we put 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid.

3. We mixed it altogether.

4. We kneaded it with our hands.

5. Then we played with the SLIME!!!

11 thoughts on “Making Slime!

  1. Dear Mrs Primerano,
    I had fun making slime. Did you have fun?
    I added food colouring in my slime. I picked purple and blue.
    from Kerina

  2. Hi Hannah,
    The slime that you made at home which one is your favourite? The pink one or the green one? I enjoyed making the slime. Did you?

    From Amy

  3. Hi Mrs Primerano,
    It was a little funny when you dropped the slime all over the place! It’s okay. I forgive you. Did you want see and feel the slime?

    Love Hannah:-)

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