Making Lemonade Spiders

Our final experiment was Lemonade Spiders!

1. Firstly we put 1/2 cup of lemonade.

2. Then we added a scoop of ice cream.

3. Then we stirred the drink.

4. Then we watched the BUBBLES!!!

5. We drank and enjoyed it! DELICIOUS!!!

Here is what it looked like!

14 thoughts on “Making Lemonade Spiders

  1. Dear 1/2 PM,
    I enjoyed making the Lemonade Spiders. I wish we could make it
    again. It was so cool when Jessie’s Lemonade Spider almost overflowed.

    From Cindy 🙂

  2. Hi Mrs Primerano,
    Did you enjoy making Lemonade Spiders?
    My sister got a big SHOCK when I told her
    that she was just having water, sugar and milk.
    I’m looking foward to making it again at HOME.

    From Andy D

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