Book Week Dress Up!

This week we have been celebrating book week. On Wednesday our class went to the library with our buddies 5/6MA. Our buddies read us a story. We took pillows and teddies with us! We had so much fun.


Thursday we dressed up! Our class has been learning about Little Red Riding Hood.

The Grandma

The Wolf

The Woodcutter

The Forest Trees

The Flower and Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother

4 thoughts on “Book Week Dress Up!

  1. Hi 1/2 PM,
    I had fun dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood’s mother and some of the people in my class dressed as other characters too.

    from Katherine

  2. Hi Miss M and 1/2PM,
    We all looked fantastic on Book Week. I liked how Miss Moloney put baby powder on her head to look like an old grandma with white hair. Book Week is the second best!!!!
    Sweet kisses and hugs:-)

    Love Hannah 🙂

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