12 thoughts on “Magic of Mr Hodgson Day!

  1. Hi Mrs Primarano,
    I feel sad because Mr Hodgson left our school. I like the picture we took with Mr Hodgson.
    From Ivy

  2. Hi Mrs. Primerano,

    I like all of your costumes. It looks really nice. I just want to say to Mr. Hodgson- hope you have a good day. I really miss you. When it was that day it was the best day of my life! ;- )

    From Luciah

  3. Dear Mrs Primerano and Ms Moloney,
    It was the COOLEST DAY EVER because the man was magical in the hall. He could do real magic and I couldn’t belive it that he did so good with his real magic tricks. Even was funny when Matthew N was trying to get the battery from Flynn. Mr Hodgson appeared in the libary. It was the greatest day ever:-)

    from Anthony:-)

  4. Hi Mrs Primerano and Ms Moloney,
    I like magic of Mr Hodgson day and I liked dressing up too.
    Hope we have that day again.

    from Andrew N

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