11 thoughts on “Rapunzel Towers

  1. Dear 1/2PM, I can’t believe what amazing towers you built! I bet Rapunzel wouldn’t mind being locked in any one of those. Was it hard to make them stand up so tall? How much sticky tape did you use? Would you like to live in your tower?
    Well done. Love, MM

  2. Hi Mrs Primerano,

    When we were learning about Rapunzel I had fun making the tower out of sticks and paper and sticky tape. Jordan was helping me. Our castle looked amazing and it had a flag and windows. It also had one small tower, one big tower and a medium tower. Jordan let me bring it home. At home I drew Rapunzel letting her hair down and the witch climbing her hair. I used it to see how tall I was.

    from Ivy 🙂

  3. Hi 1/2PM,
    These castles look so tall!
    All these ideas look so cool!
    l wonder which idea Rapunzel will use to get down.

    From Thien-Huong

  4. Hi Mrs Primerano and Miss Moloney,
    When me and Thien-Houng did the castle it was fun but it was hard. We found it fun and hard at the same time. We needed a lot of sticky tape. Me and Thien-Huong didn’t get time to finish our castle because we had a small castle to do. We also spent a lot of time on the small castle. Hope Chiara and Emilia are not too naughty hehehe God bless you 🙂

    From Luciah

  5. Hi Mrs Primerano,

    I liked the castle we made. It was so ammazing! It was fun as well. It was the best castle ever! Even the castles look really colourful. I hope you have a good day.

    From: Anthony

  6. Hi Mrs Primerano And Ms Moloney

    I am sorry I didn’t come but I saw them on the blog and they look fantastic and amazing. You’re the best teachers in the world.

    From Ethan

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