2 thoughts on “Parent and Grandparent Afternoon!

  1. Dear Mrs Primerano and Ms Moloney,
    I wonder if Andrew N’s jellyfish will sting you.
    Look at all these sea creatures.
    They look very nice.

    From Thien-Huong

  2. Hi Mrs Primerano and Miss Moloney,
    I had fun showing my art work. My dad thinks it is amazing! I also went outside with my dad to show my shark picture and my seahorse picture. He took lots of pictures then we went inside and I showed him my fish picture. Then I showed him my octopus. We had to find it, after we found it we went back to my table. I showed him my puffer fish. After that he read about octopuses and he read it. I read him about the excursion. Then we showed him a song it was baby shark. Then it was home time we packed our bag and went home. I had a great time showing my art work to my dad.

    from Ivy

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