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Student blogging guidelines When you press PUBLISH, what you have written is instantly visible all around the world. Make sure you think carefully about what you write in blogs and in comments and always follow these rules.

BE SAFE Only use your first name. Your Posts must not include yours or anyone’s personal details such as address, email address or phone numbers. When writing about yourself don’t be specific. eg. Say: “I go to a local dance group ” rather than “I go to Mary’s Dance Studio” You must have your teacher’s permission to post a photo.

BE RESPECTFUL Always keep other people’s feelings in mind. When commenting on what others have written show them that you have read it rather than just saying “great job”. Be open to other people’s opinions, but be prepared to discuss your own position if you don’t agree.

BE LITERATE You are broadcasting yourself to the world. Present yourself in the best possible light Use good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Save abbreviations and shortcuts for MSN and texting.

COPYRIGHT Remember you cannot use anything from the Internet and call it your own. Make sure you only use copyright free images, songs and text.

PARENTS Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first names only.

TEACHERS Posts written by students will be checked by the teacher before they are published to the blog Teachers must always have students approval before posting their work or images

8 thoughts on “Blog Guidelines

  1. Dear 1/2PM,
    I remembered when we went to Como House and played the games. My favourite
    game was What’s the Time Mr Wolf. Then we got to be servants. We carried 5 cups
    with water on a plate. Then we were inside the old house and we got to see the rooms.
    Then we had to solve a mystery and then we went on the bus to go back to school.
    We had a lot of fun at Como House.
    It was amazing 🤗😆😜😋
    from Steven

  2. Dear Mrs Primerano,
    When we went to Como House it was fun when we were servant. I liked it when we just first started but when it was time for the race it was hard we kept on making the 4 cups on the plate fall. But that wasn’t my favourite part my 2 favourite activities were when we looked in the mansion and when we were finding the 14 clues about who broke the glass doll. My most favourite part was both of them because on the who broke the glass doll activity we explored the forest and we got to see all the interesting things in the jungle and why they were there. I liked when we went in the mansion because there were interesting things in the mansion. And when we went in the ball room we had to choose a partner to dance with. The boys had to choose a girl partner and the girls had to choose a boy partner.Thats why they are my 2 favourites.

    from Huy

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