Butterflies Are Free!

On Friday all the 1/2’s met outside to set the butterflies free.

We were so excited and had a great time!


Our Mealworms…

This week our class took on looking after some new class pets. Each person received a mealworm.

We named our mealworm, prepared its environment with oats and took care of it by placing a piece of carrot for moisture inside its container.


We even looked at the mealworm life cycle.

Minibeast Invasion

1/2 PR have been working hard designing and making their own minibeasts. To make our minibeasts we had to follow some steps. They were very tricky to make but we had a good time making them. It was very exciting to see them all finished at the end.

Here are our minibeasts that invaded our class this afternoon!

IMG_3673 IMG_3672 IMG_3671 IMG_3670