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30 thoughts on “Literacy


    I like doing messages because it is so fun with CINDY. Thanks for EVERYTHING.

    I can`t wait to go to the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

    From YOUR NO.2 STUDENTS KERINA LY. THAT’S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Kerina,
      I’m so excited to go to the beach too. Just need to make sure the weather is good. 🙂
      From Mrs Primerano

  2. Dear Mrs Primerano,
    Have a great day tomorrow.
    I think everyone is excited to go to the beach on Friday!

    From: Cindy

  3. Dear Mrs Primerano,
    How are you and your family? Are you excited for school photo day on Wednesday? Last Friday we went on the excursion and it was fun! You are the best teacher.I like being in your class.

    From kerina

    • Hi Kerina,
      I’m so glad you liked the excursion. Cant wait to see the photos. The recounts sound like you all had so much fun!

      from Mrs Primerano

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for the reminder. We will clean out the meal worm homes tomorrow and put fresh carrot.

      from Mrs Primerano

  4. Hi Mrs Primerano & Mrs Moloney,

    I’m so happy 😁 to go too the concert on Wednesday night.

    from Jennifer

  5. Hi Mrs Primerano and Ms Moloney,
    I am excited for the science experiments about gases, liquids and solids!

    From: Andy.N

  6. Hi Wonderful 1/2PM,
    Did you love the Blowing Bubbles experiment as much as I did? I couldn’t believe how many double bubbles, and triple bubbles, and bubbles inside bubbles, and rainbow coloured bubbles you blew. I also couldn’t believe how high some of the bubbles went. I wonder if the pilots on that plane could see any of the bubbles you blew! Have a great weekend. Love, Miss Moloney XX

  7. Hello Mrs Primerano,
    I wish I was in 1/2 again so I can be with you and all my smarties mates!
    I always come back to check out things out on this blog, I hope your having a great time with your new class.

    From: Cindy

  8. Hi Mrs Primerano,
    I enjoyed making the Rapunzel towers. It was very fun. Thank you for having
    me in 1/2PM. I like this class.

    from Amy

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